I Have An Agent!

Back in June I started sending agents query letters and excerpts of my YA novel in the hopes of finding someone to represent me. I got radio silence from a few agents, but I wasn’t deterred. I got a few full manuscript requests, which I sent out with fingers crossed.

“The websites say it could takes agents weeks – even months – to answer queries,” I said to myself (out loud) on more than one occasion, reduced to a bundle of nerves. And then, only a few days ago, I happened to see these two tweets that caught my eye:

FullSizeRender (4)

FullSizeRender (3)

Honestly, I took a screenshot of them and sent them to my mom and boyfriend. “Do you think these are about my manuscript? See the movie slate?”

(My novel is set in Los Angeles and my main character is fixated on film and Hollywood culture)

And now, I am so happy to say, the writer of those tweets (Brent Taylor of TriadaUS) is my agent! Could you tell that this is where the story was going? Did the title of the post give me away?

After talking to Brent for the first time I was blown away by how much he seemed to understand and care about my main character and my novel. I can’t wait to dig into revisions and work with him to make the story the best that it can be!

So to all of you out there querying: Good luck! Keep at it. Don’t get discouraged. Also, take advantage of the awesome community that is Twitter, which helps connect agents, editors, and writers in new and interesting ways. I also highly recommend checking out Manuscript Wish List and the #MSWL hashtag to see the kinds of stories agents and editors are looking for! I hope you find your perfect match.


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