Review: Steady is the Fall by Emily Ruth Verona


Steady Is The Fall CoverA few weeks ago, Emily Ruth Verona visited BiblioSmiles to share her thoughts on her first novel, which is set to publish on October 29th.

That first novel isSteady is the Fall, and I was lucky enough to receive an e-copy of Verona’s book in exchange for an honest review.

I’mfamiliar with Emily’s writing since we took some classes together during our time as undergrads at SUNY Purchase. For those of you who are not familiar with her writing, I find her voice to be accessible, honest, and eloquent. This style carries through the entirety ofSteady is the Fall. Every word is important and every sentence is meticulously crafted, making Verona’s work a pleasure to read.

The cover of Verona’s novel evokes feelings of contemplation, and a little bit of unease. I found myself returning to the cover on more than one occasion while reading. (I’m…

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