Breadcrumbs Mag Reading and Zine

Last night I was given the opportunity to read at the 50th Post Party for Breadcrumbs Mag! The evening celebrated the site’s 50th post, the site’s six months of existence, and the publication of the first-ever print zine, The Trail!

The event was held at Pete’s Candy Store on Lorimer Street in Brooklyn. The venue was incredible, with a cool train car motif, great lighting, and a decent beer selection.

The evening included readings by the following Breadcrumbs Mag contributors:

Danielle Villano (that’s me!)
Dallas Rico
Madeleine Harrington
Josh Rubino
Freddie Moore
Daniel Grjonko
Jen Winston
Dan Toy
Christie Donato
Bob Raymonda (the site’s editor)

It was a really wonderful evening, and I’m so glad to have been included. It was great to hear from some talented writers – many of whom went to SUNY Purchase like me! I’m also so pleased that my friends were able to make it to the event.


If you’re curious, you can view the first issue ofΒ The Trail as a PDF here.

I highly encourage visiting Breadcrumbs Mag and getting inspired to submit a piece of your own! Come on – follow the trail!

(Thank you to my friend, Andrew, for sharing this photo with me.)


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