Review: Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid


neveralwaysosmetimesI was lucky enough to be included in a very cool project: an ARC Hop for Adi Alsaid’s second novel, Never Always Sometimes! Though Never Always Sometimes is set to release on August 4th by Harlequin Teen, I had the opportunity to read an advanced copy of the young adult novel thanks to good old-fashioned snail mail. Alsaid blogged about the idea here. He sent an ARC along to one reader, and then gave that reader the address of the next reader to send the book to. We were asked to keep the book for no longer than two weeks (easy, since I devoured the book in two days). We were also asked to write a high school cliche we were guilty of (or one we wished we’d experienced) inside the book.

Why, you ask?  Never Always Sometimes is all about high school cliches. Rather, it’s about a…

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