Review: Mosquitoland by David Arnold


mosquitolandI was pleased to receive an advanced copy of David Arnold’s debut novel, Mosquitoland, courtesy of NetGalley and Viking Children’s Publishing. Mosquitoland, which released on March 3rd, is an off-beat coming-of-age novel that pulled me in with its premise, but kept me reading with its charm.

The sixteen-year-old protagonist, Mary Iris Malone, has been uprooted from her “normal” life after her father shacks up with a waitress from Denny’s and moves them from Ohio to Mississippi. Mary, or Mim as she is referred to, does everything she can to rebel against her father and his new wife.  When she learns – while eavesdropping – that her mother is sick in Cleveland, she decides to do what any rebellious, Mim-like teenager would do: swipe a coffee can of cash from the dresser and hop a Greyhound bus to Cleveland.

Mim encounters a lot of crazy characters in her travels…

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