BiblioSmiles: Looking Back at 2014


Wow, what a great year 2014 has been! Back in February, I had no idea my little pet project would turn into a blog with a total of 23 contributors, a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and an Instagram account. And exciting things are happening every day!

Here are some highlights from 2014:

One of the first blessed bouts of publicity: I visited From L&P to English Tea to blog about BiblioSmiles, during Anjali’s “A Month of Books” series. Anjali is an incredibly sweet blogger, and her posts are fun and enjoyable!

We delved into “The Anatomy of a Bookshelf” to discover how people display their books, and what they choose to display. I hope this series gets a bit more love in 2015! (Share your beautiful messes, people!)

tammystrobel2I had the opportunity to interview some really interesting subjects. Tammy Strobel discussed her new book, My Morning View: An…

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