Stars and Swipes & Hugs and Misses


P1030977Wilhelm Staehle, the “original silhouette humorist,” has two great postcard books out now through Quirk Books. I was recently gifted these books, Stars and Swipes and Hugs and Misses, through Quirk Books, and I cannot wait to send these quirky postcards to all my friends!

P1030976I have to say I was very impressed with these books; they’re compact, well-designed, and incredibly nice to look at! I always find Quirk Books to be attractive additions to the bookshelf, and I recommend checking out the rest of their titles on their website.

Staehle’s postcard books are inspired by his site, Silhouette Masterpiece Theater, which is full of goodies sure to make you giggle.

Here’s a bit about each book:


Stars and Swipes: 30 Postcards of Awkward Americana illuminates lesser-known – maybe for good reason – moments in U.S. history. Join the Boston Terrier Tea Party, Lady Liberty struggling…

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