Litographs & The World’s Longest Tattoo Chain


Here on BiblioSmiles, it’s no secret we love literary tattoos. In fact, one of our most popular posts is Gabriele’s post on literary tattoos! We love dedicated bookworms.

For those of you who want to show your love of literature without dealing with ink and needles, there’s a pretty cool solution for you.

Litographs, a company that became popular thanks to its incredibly-designed tshirts, posters, and totes (utilizing the text of the book to make an awesome image), has now expanded its inventory to include temporary tattoos.

IMG_6754I was excited to contribute to their Kickstarter, and received a tattoo from one of my favorite books: James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Can Litographs get any cooler? Yes. As part of their Kickstarter campaign, they aimed to create the world’s longest tattoo chain by offering 2,500 people the chance to tell the story of Alice in Wonderland… on their bodies…

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